The Company

Tazza CAFFE is a café/bistro-style restaurant franchise. Tazza CAFFE focuses on comfort and well-being, good coffee, light meals, and a healthy menu.

Our  mission

Tazza CAFFE’s mission is to provide its customers with a variety of coffees and a range of fresh, healthy and high- quality products at competitive prices, while offering a consistent personalized service in a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

As for its vision, Tazza CAFFE wishes to attract and retain customers with a wider variety of quality products, all while fulfilling the needs of its customers and improving its personalized customer service. Secondly, Tazza Caffe seeks to foster a healthy environment for its employees and to encourage unity and cooperation among its staff members. Finally, Tazza Caffe wishes to increase its market share and to expand by opening additional franchises.


In line with our expansion goals, we are actively searching for motivated and devoted entrepreneurs to join our network. By becoming a Tazza CAFFE franchise owner, you join a team that is dynamic, experienced and tightly-knit. We are committed to creating a healthy environment for our clients, our employees, and our franchisees.



Unlike independent entrepreneurs, Tazza CAFFE franchisees benefit from the know-how, the structure and the services of a well-established company. The franchise owner can thus profit from a business infrastructure that has already proven to be successful, a structure which protects the franchisee against the mistakes and pitfalls often encountered by new entrepreneurs.


Who Choose the Tazza CAFFE Franchise?

Tazza CAFFE franchises are granted by Investissements P.A. Inc, a group of 7 experienced business people from the Acadian Peninsula.


The company was founded in 2006 in Tracadie, in north-eastern New Brunswick. At the time, Tazza CAFFE was the only establishment of its kind in the Tracadie region. A second Tazza Caffe location opened its doors in Shippagan in 2010, followed by a third location in Saint-Isidore in 2015.


Tazza CAFFE’s goal is to provide its customers with a variety of coffees and a range
of fresh, healthy and high-quality products at competitive prices, while offering a consistent personalized service in a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Tazza CAFFE, whose name means “cup of coffee” in Italian, is a concept that was developed with the needs of its customers in mind. We provide a fun and welcoming interior and exterior setting in which our customers can enjoy a great cup of coffee, whether they come with friends, family or by themselves.


Tazza CAFFE’s varied menu is the same across all of its franchises. Each Tazza CAFFE is comprised of a kitchen area and a dining area, in which our customers can find bistro-style tables and chairs as well as comfortable sofas and armchairs. The Tazza CAFFE franchises also have the option to offer additional services to their customers, such as a drive-through, a catering service, free wireless internet access (Wi-Fi), newspaper and book stands, or even conference room rental.


Looking for a franchise?


Discover Tazza CAFFE…


1. The opportunity to become your own boss while benefiting from the expertise and the reputation of a company with a proven track record;

2. Exchange of ideas, advice, and participation in the network decisions;

3. Reduced financial risk compared to new independent businesses;

4. Access to an established network of contacts in the community;

5. Products tested and perfected on the market;

6. Brand recognition;

7. Customer trust;

8. Strong relationship between Tazza CAFFE and its franchisees;

9. Transfer of knowledge between franchisees and the head office;

10. Assistance in the opening phase of the franchise;

11. Pre-established supply chain;

12. Assistance in the purchase of equipment and supplies;

13. Management o fadvertising and marketing plans and campaigns;

14. On going training of franchisees;

15. On going and open communication with the head office to meet the needs specific to each franchise.

Market and target clientele

Tazza Caffe defines itself as a high- end café-bistro. As such, it attracts a regular clientele that is typically composed of educated and affluent individuals such as office workers and business people aged 30 years or over. Tazza Caffe’s client base also includes college and university students. Finally, tourists can also represent an important secondary market sector, especially during the summer period.


Some success factors to consider for the establishment of a new Tazza Caffe franchise are listed below:


* Ease of access and parking;

* Drive-through;

* Catering service;

* Free wireless internet access (Wi-Fi);

* Long opening hours (ex: 6 am to 11 pm);

* Relaxed atmosphere with comfortable armchairs and tables to encourage various activities such as reading, relaxing, or conducting work or student meetings;

* Presence of a commercial hub (proximity and diversity);

* Proximity to a college or university campus;

* Distance and local traffic;

* Local taxation.





Initial contact: If you are interested in purchasing a Tazza CAFFE franchise, please contact us to manifest your interest.

Mr. Dean Roberts is at your service

Telephone: 506-393-6410




If your application meets the criteria, we will schedule an interview to get to know each other and to discuss the potential purchase of the franchise.

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